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Message from the President

Sachio Taguchi President

Five and a half years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. Post-earthquake reconstruction activities are now going into the stage for a further leap forward. In light of these circumstances, the Bank launched its new medium-term management plan, “Iwagin Frontier Plan 2nd stage – The・Innovation” as the second stage of the long-term vision “Demonstrating a dominant presence as a driving force in the region, while establishing our position as a top quality bank.” This plan is geared to the “Step” stage of the “Hop, Step and Jump” stages of the long-term vision, which is defined as a period in which we strongly promote regional revitalization, looking beyond the reconstruction, while storing energies and forging solid footing for the next “Jump” stage.

Environment surrounding the Bank is becoming increasingly challenging, including profitability decline due to lower yield caused by quantitative and qualitative monetary easing with negative interest rates by the Bank of Japan, intensifying competition as well as future market shrinkage due to declining population. In this plan, in order to overcome this environment, we will take on challenges for “innovation” with the aim of adapting to the environment and vigorously push forward innovative changes in all aspects beyond conventional thought.