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Message from the President

Sachio Taguchi President

The Bank is advancing its medium-term management plan “Iwagin Frontier Plan 2nd stage – The・Innovation,” which spans the three years from April 2016 to March 2019.
In this medium-term management plan, we set four principal indicator targets: “consolidated net income,” “capital ratio,” “outstanding loans and bills discounted to SMEs” and “assets in custody.” In addition, we set “consolidated ROE” (return on shareholders’ equity) as a long-term management indicator (target indicator to be aimed at all times without time frame toward achievement of long-term vision). In fiscal 2017, the second year of this plan, we steadily achieved our goals for “consolidated net income,” “capital ratio” and “outstanding loans and bills discounted to SMEs,” but fell short of our targets and indicators for “assets in custody” and “consolidated ROE.” In the final fiscal year of the plan, we intend to accelerate efforts toward achieving goals by further enhancing the promotion of loans for SMEs to accumulate balances, and with regard to assets in custody, by broadening our business scope and enhancing our ability to make proposals through identifying needs.
The Bank will continue striving to promote policies to the best of our ability with the aim of being a bank that local customers trust and choose.